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vancouver, news1130) vancouver councillor says the issue of whales and dolphins at the city aquarium should be addressed through a question on the municipal election ballot.

green party co. adriane carr says she wants the council to consider the matter at its nex jordan pas cher t meeting on april 29.

she says the issue would only be added to the ballot. the park board and the vancouver aquarium gift to reach an agreement before the november election to phase out all whales and dolphins in captivity.

she says other aquariums elsewhere have managed to be successful in jordan pas cher keeping large marine mammals in captivity.

mayor gregor robertson has said he like to see the whales and dolphins program phased out and he does not support a referendum d jordan pas cher uring the election and hopes, the aquarium and the park board to come to an agreement before then.

the aquarium says robertson might not understand the vital role belugas and dolphins play in its education efforts.

ms. carr and mayor robertson, make as much sense as a bag full of stale donuts. between

lawns on rooftops, chickens and making it very difficult for normal folks to enjoy a quality of life without interference from city hall or the parks board wanting to pick their pockets or disrupt their

fun at the variou jordan pas cher s community centres, the new edict about tree cutting takes the cake. i am very happy to be living in the city in vancouver and paying taxes to keep these stupid ideas, flourishing. the aquarium is a very worthwhile organization and an excellent site for children of all ages to learn about and enjoy the creatures that inhabit the oceans. a costly referendum to get the opinions of the bleeding hearts is not necessary.