jordan future doggie bags oil north vancouve

doggie bags oil north vancouver park.

everyone who has heard of a flaming bag of dog poop knows exactly what not to do with it.

but what about a flaming box of dog poop bags. the district of north vancouver fire and rescue services, had to put out a fire early wednesday morning in mosquito creek park after someone or something lit jordan future up a district biodegradable doggie bag station.

in the rain, this summer, anything flammable is far more likely to go up with just a small spark or ignition. firefight jordan future ers have been kept busy putting out small fires caused by cigarettes carelessly flicked, wilson said.

every day, we’re responding to the fires from people tossing their cigarettes into the (traffic) medians. they just ignite the bark mulch, « he said.

the wildfire management branch »s fire danger rating for the north shore is currently high and not likely going to get better anytime soon.

with the continued dry weather, we’re prob jordan future ably going to be at the extreme within a week in this area. extreme is the worst, « sai jordan future d assistant fire chief mike cairns.